Escape to the forest, forget the sadness

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She’s fucking stunning. She’s mine.

She was wearing those when I first met her. Didn’t take too long for my right hand to slip through the perfect gap on the side. That feel. Is still here.

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"he kissed her cheek and then she knew, you could get homesick for people too."

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courtney love’s diary 




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"and it’s funny because
all these poems say that we’re all
made of stardust, and you and i
are both a collection of blood
and bones that were meant to
break but i can’t wrap my head
around the thought that i could
ever be so similar to you, in all
of my simplicity, a mess of split
ends and heartbroken confusion
and under eye circles, and you
with your confidence and plans
about the future and smile, that
smile, i swear you could end wars
with that smile."

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how did this get notes btw

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